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Car and Home Window Tint Solutions

Expertly tinted windows for maximum privacy and comfort.

Your World, Tinted to Perfection

Hot, sunny days can quickly bring discomfort to your home or car. And here in the St. Petersburg and Tampa, Florida area, that discomfort endures for most of the year. But with our residential and car window tinting solutions, you’ll significantly reduce interior heat gain while blocking up to 99 percent of harmful UV rays — and enjoy more privacy than ever. Our expert auto and home window tinting company installs only the best, long-lasting 3M window film tinting solutions backed by the industry's most comprehensive warranty. Experience the difference in your living spaces — both on the road and at home — with Maximum Audio Video.



Drive in style, live in comfort.

3M Obsidian

Introducing the 3M Obsidian window tinting solution, powered by 3M’s patented Infused technology. Obsidian offers high-quality tinting at an affordable price, with stronger durability, color retention, and fade resistance than other dyed films on the market. Obsidian’s non-metalized construction won’t cause signal interference with your devices, and it won’t ever crack, peel, or bubble on your windows. Obsidian rejects up to 44 percent of total solar energy, blocks 99 percent of harmful UV rays, and reduces glare by 91 percent, ever enhancing your driving experience here in the Tampa area.

3M Color Stable

Crafted with 3M's nano-carbon polyester, 3M Color Stable tinting delivers an enduring, deep, and rich shade that never succumbs to the dreaded purple tint. Color Stable window films are darker than the Crystalline line and are designed to reject solar heat from the sun. Color Stable blocks up to 58% of heat, allowing only 5 to 50 percent of light into your car. If you want a dark, cool interior that still provides clear visibility, opt for the Color Stable line.

3M Ceramic IR

The Ceramic IR Series keeps you cool in style. Its advanced nano-ceramic technology reduces up to 95 percent of infrared heat and 66 percent of total solar energy. Whether you prefer a cool blue shade or an attractive neutral color, the non-metalized film blends seamlessly with your vehicle’s aesthetic. Plus, there's no need to worry about electronic or mobile phone interference, including 5G, thanks to the metal-free design. Enjoy a glare-free view and revel in up to 99% UV protection (equivalent to SPF 1000). Upgrade to 3M Ceramic IR and stay cool and protected like never before.

3M Crystalline

Experience the pinnacle of automotive window tinting technology with the 3M Crystalline Series. This exceptional tinted film offers a clear, factory-like appearance with superior heat rejection—blocking up to 64 percent of total solar energy and an astonishing 99 percent of infrared rays. What sets Crystalline apart is its proprietary, multilayer optical film technology, with over 200 layers in a film thinner than a piece of paper. This non-metalized marvel has earned the reputation as the #1 rated car tint in the world. In the scorching Florida sun, this industry-leading, spectrally-selective film is your ticket to staying cool, comfortable, and protected.

Window Tinting

Let in the sunshine with more privacy and protection.

  • sun control

    Sun Control Films

    If you’re like most people, you want to open the curtains to enjoy beautiful natural light. But as energizing as the sun can be, it also makes our homes hotter, fades our furniture and artwork, and creates glare. That is, until you’ve installed 3M Window Films. 3M’s window films reduce up to 78 percent of heat generated from sunlight and block harmful UV rays. The non-metalized films won’t obscure your view, so you can still see clearly—as if there was no film at all.
  • Decorative Films

    Get creative with your home’s windows and glass walls with 3M’s Glass Finishes. We can enhance regular glass with various styles and opacities, from frosted to textured glass and everything in between. Custom die-cut designs may be overlaid on glass surfaces with any pattern, image, or text you desire. Plus, the 3M window films feature an antibacterial coating, which reduces fingerprints and the need for frequent cleaning. Bring elegance and privacy to your home with an installation by Maximum Audio Video.
  • Privacy Window Tinting

    Create a sense of privacy throughout your Clearwater-area house with 3M’s Privacy Window Tinting Films. These durable, polyester films allow the beauty of natural sunlight to grace your indoor spaces while safeguarding your privacy. Whether it's your foyer, entryway, shower doors, or verandas, transform ordinary windows into an opaque, elegant glass surface. Exterior-facing windows can provide a clear view from the inside while obscuring any visibility to onlookers outside. Enjoy the best of both worlds—abundant natural light and enhanced privacy—with 3M Privacy Films.
  • Security Films

    Most break-and-enter robberies involve broken windows. But with 3M Safety & Security Window Films, any shattered glass will stay in place, deterring intruders and gaining valuable time for your family. 3M Security Window Films make it more difficult to penetrate glass and turn your window into a security shield, capable of enduring break-ins, earthquakes, and even explosions. We hope you never have to see the technology put into action, but 3M Security Window Films provides priceless peace of mind.
  • Energy Savings

    Sunlight generates substantial heat in the home, causing you to crank the air conditioning higher and higher. 3M Window Film lets you enjoy sunlight while reflecting heat and glare away from your house. Tinted residential windows will prevent heat pockets from forming while blocking harmful UV and infrared light. In winter, they keep warm indoor air inside, so you stay comfortable all year while reducing energy usage.

Need Your Windows Tinted?

Maximum Audio Video is Tampa, Florida’s destination for high-quality residential and auto tinting services. We’re a certified distributor of 3M Window Tinting products and are committed to providing the ultimate satisfaction to our customers.
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